Who Are We? What Do We Do? Why Do We Do It?



The Audio Plugz is an independent music licensing, music supervision, and music production company as well as a song publishing company owned by songwriter, composer, and music business professional, Kandi "Inkz" Robinson.  

Here at The Audio Plugz, we help music supervisors from all over find the perfect track for their film, TV, advertising, trailers, soundtracks, video games, and other projects. We also have close relationships with major label executives and A&R's around the globe and we help them find awesome songs for their artists.

We represent hand picked bands/artists, songwriters, and composers who are serious about exploiting their musical masterpieces.

Our catalog is BIG but our love for music is even BIGGER, so we have tons of pre-cleared music and can meet any budget. If we don't have it in stock, then of course.....we'll just create it!


Sounds awesome right? Well let's get started!




The Audio Plugz Staff:


Kandi Robinson - CEO/Music Director/Music Supervisor

Rich Rolyn - Head of A&R/People Guru

Reba Noel - Legal/Music Clearance