Songwriters, Producers, Lyricists...Do you need a demo vocalist for a song that you've written? We have both male and female vocalists for your service need. We cater to all genres...Pop, EDM, Rock, R&B, Soul, Urban, Hip-Hop/Rap, Singer-Songwriter, Children's, Gospel, Indie, Country, World and more...some of our vocalists have been featured on TV shows, major artist ablums, major artist backup singers, jingles, and more. We do have some vocalists capable of singing in Spanish.
Having a great demo and/or demo vocalist can significantly help you with getting your music lincensed as well as label placements. We pride ourselves with great quality work with reasonable rates...Our rate for demo vocalists can range from $50-$200 depending on your needs. *Some of our vocalists also will mix your demo for an additional fee.
How this works? Below are examples of our demo vocalists:
Step 1. Choose Male or Female
Step 2. Listen to whichever genre you are seeking (If it isn't posted, just tell us what genre you are seeking, we do have someone for your every need...we've only posted the most popular genres)
Step 3. Choose a vocalist by number & genre
Step 4. Contact us via email for rates or questions, upon payment you will then move to step 5
Step 5. Email us the following: Complete & Correct Lyric Sheet with any notes, mp3 of the instrumental, and mp3 of your dummy (a recording of you singing your song)
Step 6. The vocalist you chose will demo your song, hook/chorus, etc... and send it back
Step 7. Listen back and upon your satisfaction, you then will move to step 8
Step 8. We will send the vocal session (Logic or ProTools) to you
Step 9. You are now a happy customer with a great song!
We do offer packages for clients that have 3 or more songs at one time. And we also offer co-writes for DJ's, other songwriters, lyricists, and producers. Also we have songwriting services and production for Artists.
Email for all demo, co-writing, and other service inquiries.

Female Pop/Rock/Indie/EDM Demo Vocals
Female R&B/Urban/Soul/Gospel Demo Vocals
Male R&B/Urban/Soul/Gospel Demo Vocals
Male Pop/Rock/EDM/Indie Demo Vocals
Male Country/Country Pop/Country Rock/Americana Demo Vocals