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APZ catalog consideration submissions

We're currently accepting submissions for our catalog to shop to artists and for sync licensing opportunities. Please use our "Submit To Us" page for details. You'll be able to upload your files directly thru our site.


Looking for a consult on your music? Need tips and how-to's when it comes to sync licensing, publishing, songwriting, etc...? Or just looking to pick my brain? Then schedule a 1 on 1 consultation.

1. Pay the consult fee

2. Use my Calendly link to schedule: calendly.com/theaudioplugz

3. Choose a 30 min consult (1 hour consultations available upon request)

4. Choose a date & time

4. Receive confirmation

Payments can be made via our website click here or:

Cashapp: $TheAudioPlugz

Square: Manual credit card

Zelle: theaudioplugz@gmail.com


Workshop 2022:

For those that have been asking, Kandi will be holding a Songwriting workshop in the summer of 2022. This workshop will briefly cover the business part of songwriting/publishing, how to better your songwriting, how to get into writing for sync/licensing purposes, but will focus more on the creative creation side. You will learn how to create songs for international placements, especially Kpop and Jpop as well as for commercials, TV, and movies.


This will not be just a lecture, this will also be an interactive workshop. There will possibly be a special guest that is currently active in the industry. The workshop will be held in a private studio for about 6 hours. For all who attend, they will receive some special goodies (you must stay the full 6 hours). Cost will be $210 per person w/o an affiliation and $180 per person if you are a BMI, ASCAP, NARIP or Artist Launch Group affiliate. Cost for SESAC and Artist Launch Gold members is $150.

Payments can be made via:

Cashapp: $TheAudioPlugz

Square: Manual credit card

Zelle: theaudioplugz@gmail.com

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