NARIP: Licensing & Sync Overview Panel

APZ owner & Founder, Kandi Robinson, will be speaking in Atlanta, GA on February 18th at the NARIP: Sync Deal Overview. This event will be taking place at SAE Institute in Atlanta, GA and will also feature key speakers: Karen Marie Mason (Music Supervisor), Ashley A. Holland (Entertainment Lawyer & Litigator), and Julie K. Roach (NARIP Atlanta Board Member). Some topics to be discused are:

  • How to Identify Rights Owners

  • Issues with Multiple Publishers

  • Using Most Favored Nations (MFN) Clauses

  • Key License Terms

  • The Quotation Process

  • Motion Picture Licensing

  • Licensing for Television

  • Licensing for Commercials

  • Collecting Public Performance Royalties

  • Common Music Licensing Problems

  • Music Cue Sheets

  • Negotiating the Best Fee

If you are not in Atlanta, you are still able to attend via Google Hangouts. Visit for more info.

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