APZ to hold Sync workshop in Atlanta

The Audio Plugz will be holding our popular Songwriting/Licensing workshop in Atlanta, GA. This workshop will cover the business part of songwriting/publishing, how to better your songwriting, the difference between writing for artists and writing for syncs/licensing, the do's and don'ts of songwriting, how to get into writing for sync/licensing purposes, how music supervision works, how to write internationally, the basics of how to record your own self and more.

This will not be just a lecture, this will also be an interactive workshop. We will have a special guest or two that are currently active in the industry. The workshop will be held in a studio setting in Atlanta for about 5 hours. For all who attend, you will recieve ProTools 10 HD + Plugins which may include Waves Bundle, Ozone, Antares Suite, etc... (you must stay the full 5 hours in order to receive this), we'll be raffling off some cool stuff and food/drinks will be provided. Check out our "Opportunities" page for more info!

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